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Getting Here

Al Yousuf 3D Printing

Al Yousuf 3D Printing is the newest division under Al Yousuf LLC that creates innovative 3D Photo figurines in various sizes from 10cm up to life-size perfect, life-like and 3D-printed, sculptures of you and your loved ones.

About doob
doob is a full-service 3D tech company, founded in Düsseldorf, Germany with regional Headquarters in New York City and Tokyo. Our initial consumer offering, doob-3D printed replicas of you, has been a worldwide success. We’re expanding with a new location globally and partnering with some of today’s most popular brands.

What is doob
A doob is the photo-realistic 3D printed replica of you. We celebrate life’s biggest and smallest moments, as well as everything in between. Make a doob printed replica for yourself or give it as a gift.